COVID-19 guidance

The club are now ready to restart sessions and will be making changes to the way in which the club operates. The new risk assessments and guidance for both parents/carers and coaches/leaders has been prepared based upon guidance from the Scottish Government and Scottish Cycling.

COVID-19 Risk assessment

We strive to make our club coaching sessions as safe for our members and volunteers as possible. We must introduce a number of additional measures to ensure we comply with government and national governing body guidelines, including pre-booking sessions, logging contact details, hand sanitisation and maintainence of physical distancing at the beginning and end of each session. Club members are all aged 17 and under, therefore Scottish Government guidance currently states that they do not need to physically distance during the activity. Early evidence indicates that when diagnosed with COVID-19, children and young people are much less likely to suffer severe disease than adults, however symptomatic children and young adults have a similar capacity to transmit SARS-CoV2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) as adults. It is not known what the infective capacity of asymptomatic children is (ECDC). As a result, although rigid physical distancing will not be required during sessions, sessions will be designed to mitigate the risk of transmission among session participants and with group leaders and coaches.

We aim for maximum transparency in all of the documentation and guidance the club have produced to allow parents/carers and leaders/coaches to make informed choices about their participation in club sessions.

The club’s supplementary risk assessment for COVID-19 is accessible in Microsoft Excel format here.

Guidance of parents/carers

Parents/carers are asked to read the guidance for parents/carers document carefully as it contains very important information that is essential for the club to run safely. If you have any queries, please get in touch with the club’s COVID-19 officers, whose contact details can be found on the club Facebook page.

Guidance for coaches and leaders

The club’s guidance for coaches and leaders document has been produced to guide coaches in running sessions according to the club’s new COVID-19 risk assessment.

Protocol for confirmed COVID-19 cases

In the event of a club member testing positive for SARS-CoV2 following a session, any subsequent notification of possible contacts will be undertaken by the NHS Scotland Test & Protect service. Further information on the club’s protocol for confirmed COVID-19 cases is detailed here.

Contacts for further information

If you have any concerns or need clarification regarding any of the club guidance, please get in touch with the club’s COVID-19 officers, Graeme Cowan or Andy Gregory, whose details can be found on the club’s Facebook page.