Guidance for coaches, leaders and adult volunteers

Coaches and leaders should familiarise themselves with the guidance at:

Coaches and leaders should also be aware of the guidance that the club has issued for parents/carers.

Videos for coaches

In addition to the guidance above, Scottish Cycling have produced the following videos:

Return to Club Activity

Scottish Cycling PPE video

Club guidance for coaches and leaders

In line with the club’s risk assessment and the guidance issued by Scottish Cycling and the Scottish Government, the following changes need to be made to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 transmission during club activities. Failure to follow national and governing body guidelines on COVID-19 may invalidate the British Cycling insurance under which we operate.

  • Coaches and leaders must carry gloves, surgical facemasks, alcohol-based hand sanitiser, waterproofs and protective glasses (standard riding glasses are suitable)
  • Coaches and leaders should consider whether it would be more appropriate to carry individual bivvy bags in place of group shelters.
Before the session
  • Participants must pre-book: Participants must book each session and complete a health declaration before each session. At the beginning of each session, coaches/leaders must record the attendance of each member of their group. It is vital that this information is accurately recorded in case it is requested by NHS Test & Protect for the purpose of contact tracing.
  • Health Declaration Forms and attendance: Each coach/leader must complete a health declaration form and record their own attendance at the session. Coaches and leaders must make an individual choice whether it is appropriate for them to deliver club sessions under current conditions, according to their own health and personal situation.
  • Do not attend if symptomatic Participants or coaches/leaders must not attend if they are:
    • experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
    • have had known contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days
    • has returned from a country not on the exemption list in the last 14 days
    • is self isolating and has been asked to remain at home by the NHS Scotland Test and Protect system
During the session:
  • Physical distancing: Coaches should attempt to maintain physical distancing of 2 metres from participants throughout the session, though this may not always be possible. Be mindful of distance and wind direction when instructing or briefing the group, choosing spaces where effective distancing from the group can be maintained.
  • Activity Selection: During this time, coaches and leaders should select coaching activities that do not require participants to make contact or to be in very close proximity.
  • Bike checks: All equipment should be checked prior to use in line with standard guidelines and where possible participants should check their own under the guidance of a coach or leader, whilst maintaining physical distancing and hygiene measures.
  • First aid: In the event of a first aid incident, coaches, leaders and volunteers should ensure their own protection using appropriate PPE before administering first aid. For first aid during club sessions, we recommend that gloves, face mask, glasses and waterproof clothing. Note that the club requires that surgical masks be used, not face coverings, as they are more protective than most cloth coverings and will be uncontaminated at time of use. Additional guidance from the Red Cross on COVID-19 considerations for First Aid is available here.
  • Trailside repairs: Coaches and leaders must sanitise their hands before and after performing trailside repairs on a participants bike. Physical distancing should be maintained thoughout.
  • Avoid contact: Coaches and leaders must not share food or water with participants, except in an emergency situation. Avoid any contact with participant’s bike or possessions, but if this is necessary, sanitise your hands before and after. Participants have been advised that they should only bring food that can be eaten without contact (e.g. wrapped bars), however coaches/leaders should provide sanitiser to participants during sessions if they request it.
  • If a participant or coach becomes ill with COVID-19 symptoms during the ride, the group should immediately separate to safely distance the ill person and return to base as a group. Contact the club’s COVID officer. The participant’s parent/carer must be contacted immediately, and physical distancing must be maintained until that person is picked up by a member of their household. They should be advised to go home as soon as possible and visit the NHS Scotland Self Help Guide where they can request a test and will receive information on the requirement for isolation.
  • Group numbers: The number of coaches, leaders and other adults accompanying a group should be minimised to those required to maintain safe coaching ratios and to support the needs of participants. COVID-19 guidance restricts a group to a maximum of 30, (including coaches, leaders, adult volunteers and participants), but coaching/leading ratios must also be maintained.
After the session

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 after you have attended a Tay Titans session, you should immediately self isolate and follow the Scottish Government’s ‘Test and Protect’ guidelines, which can be read on the website.

The notification of club members, coaches and leaders who may have had contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 will be handled by the NHS Scotland Test & Protect team, based on the contact information given to them by the club’s COVID-19 co-ordinators.

NHS Test & Protect may request the details of the club’s COVID-19 co-ordinators, who will pass on details of participants from each session upon request. Contact details for the club’s COVID-19 co-ordinators, Graeme Cowan or Andy Gregory, can be found on the club’s Facebook page.

Additional Equipment

The club will provide all coaches and leaders with surgical masks and hand sanitiser.